Sped through these animation exercises (each of them took 5-10 minutes)!

Ball bouncing in place:






“Brink falling”- I decided to base if more off a falling book:



Character thinking:



~Bouncing Ball Animation~

I was scrolling around on tumblr when I saw a post linking to a list things to animate at different levels. Of course, I felt like this goes well with my ideaFM, project so I’m thinking of doing all of the Level 1 exercises by the end of the week.

Here is the link:

I’ve actually done a few of them already but I really wish I found this earlier. Then I could have based my project on doing all of the exercises. Oh well… ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

That being said, today I did the “Ball Bouncing across the screen.” As usual, I will start from the sketch to the completed animation.





 *These pictures don’t really seem like animations since I didn’t save frame-by-frame. Rather, this is the general motion.

Sketch Animated:


Lined Animated:


And Final Animation!


The final animation may be a little different in timing since my usual animating program doesn’t allow more than one color. -__-“

Overall, this is generally the easiest animation test but I am not too good at it haha. It’s not very smooth and I don’t really know how to shade correctly. However, I can only blame myself since I did this fairly quickly (around 10 minutes) and didn’t do much research on how balls work (wah wah).

I hope it looks kinda cool though? ಥ⌣ಥ

On the bright side, here’s another drawing process gif. At least I know what I’m doing for these LOL.



~Project Update, though I wish I had more to show~

These are two very short animations that I did awhile I ago. I really should have uploaded them earlier! (ι´Д`)ノ

This one is a head turn:



These are the individual frames:






And I guess this one is just a flow practice, as if the wind is blowing:


I forgot to save the individual frames for this one  (╯_╰)

I just realized I didn’t animate her eyebrows at the end so it’s odd… (″・ิ_・ิ) Well this is a learning process after all. At least I can keep that in mind for next time! 


Anyways, for these I used the simplified animation tool in the program “AZDrawing2”. The color options are quite limited so I’m still looking for an animation program that has more advanced features. However, I will continue using this program for quick practice purposes since it’s so easy to use.


From the desk of Amelia

Inspired by Austin Kleon and, I’ve decided to share my workspace.

Since my project revolves mainly around art and animation, my desk is definitely a significant part of “how” I am carrying out this project. That being said, I shall now reveal the desk.


Well since I’m using a laptop, the desk isn’t really that important, but for the most part this is my usually set up.

There I have my trusty wacom bamboo fun tablet, my tablet pen, and my laptop. Everything I do creatively is on a lit-up screen, not paper. You can even see some of my artwork in this image. Recently I’ve been taking requests online, so finding time to work on my project has been rather difficult. Then again, the only one I can blame is myself… ≖‿≖

Moreover, having a tablet would be pointless without a program! The one I use for everything (sketching/painting/animating) is Paint Tool Sai.


It’s a neat program. Lightweight and easy to use. To do animations, I rely on layers and opacity, creating a kind of onion skin effect. Same goes for making coloring quick and efficient. For example, layers can separate lines in a way that you never overlap them. I shall demonstrate with drawing in the first image.


Since I’m too lazy to get a legit animation program, I just use This forces me to insert pictures frame by frame, which is rather tedious, but ehhh you gotta do what you gotta do.

That’s pretty much it! I hope this was kinda interesting. My workspace represents my character: boring for the most part. ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

Changing Courses


I’m making a change in my ideaFM project. Honestly, I should have done this early as there is only a little over a month left until the project is due, but what must be done, well, must be done.

Previously, I was planning to make only a short animation film with an original storyline. However…okay I’ll admit it…I got too lazy. The work seemed a little overwhelming for a person like me (having no animation experience). Therefore, I decided that instead of doing only one short animation, I’m going to do several short ones. “How is that any better?” Well by short, I mean that each animation will probably last for a few seconds rather than a few minutes. Hopefully, this will allow me to animate several different things instead of just following a story line with lots of random frames with no movement. I’ll try to start off simple and make the animations more difficult as I improve. Here is my first attempt! A very simple three-framed blink animation, done in about an hour. The GIFs are set at three different stages; the sketching stage, the lineart stage, and the colored stage. I’ll try to show this for all future animations. Hopefully, they will turn out successful. 🙂







ALSO, Happy Chinese New Years!

Backgrounds and such

Finals are approaching so I haven’t been able to work on my animation project much. However, I will describe the location where the story takes place. Since the beginning, I’ve been focused on keeping the main character in a Japanese city. As I am currently in Japanese 3, I thought it would be fun to incorporate things I have learned. I also thought it would make it more normal for my character to have such an unnatural hair color (light aqua LOL). It won’t be a rural village, but one of those bustling cities like Akihabara or Ikkebukoro. The plot revolves around a mysterious game that is found on the streets so I envision a very bright and tall video game store nearby. I remember from my trip to Japan a few years ago that stores would normally have 5+ stories; very different from my hometown Fountain Valley, where buildings that tall would only be hospitals or hotels. Anyways, here are some street/store sketches but they are very poor and hard to make out. They’ll get better soon, I promise!



Progress, Progress, Progress

Had a talk with the school’s art/animation teacher for some tips on my project. He didn’t mean to discourage me, but he said doing something like this for my project would be extremely difficult for a person with no experience in animation. Nonetheless, that was the response I expected and I’m ready to face it head-on! He also recommended me a few animation books to read and the program Toon Boom Studio. I think I may be sticking with Flash CS3 though. Hopefully he’s familiar with that program as well to help me out; if not, Google will be my best friend. :p

Anyways, I created a storyboard for my animation, but it only contains the first minute or so.


It’s pretty messy and I have frames switched around lol. I also added a style change to make animating easier. Originally, it was in an anime style but I decided switched to a more cartoonish one. Here’s the new concept art:


He’s quite simplified now but I’m fond of the style. 🙂

Moreover, I’ve been watching sketchbook videos and I am absolutely inspired! I’m hoping to get a new sketchbook soon to add on to my project. If it turns out nice, I might even consider turning it in to art schools such as CalArts as part of my application. My future career is still pretty foggy.