The End is Drawing Near

Hey everyone!

It’s the last day of weekly blog posting for this class. No more staying up late on Tuesday nights or trying to thinking of something to write about. However, I’m planning to extend it one more week.

Originally, my last post was supposed to be a wrap on my ideaFM animation project. However, my class was assigned to make a video blog about four skills, concepts, or ideas I’ve learned in class and I would like to save that for my last post. Mainly because want to tie it in with what I’ve learned about animating. It’s kinda like killing two birds with one stone; I get to wrap up both the class and my project at the same time.

I haven’t told my teacher yet but hopefully he lets me slide. LOL. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I need a picture so


I’m probably just 怠けている…hahAHA

By the way, X-Men: Days of Future Past was super good, and I don’t even like superhero movies. Look at my fanart of Quicksilver! (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)



See y’all next week!






Sped through these animation exercises (each of them took 5-10 minutes)!

Ball bouncing in place:






“Brink falling”- I decided to base if more off a falling book:



Character thinking:


AP English 3 – Wrap Up


I find it a little odd to do a wrap up post since there’s still around two weeks left of school. For the most part, this class has definitely been…different…from my past English classes. Well not too different since my sophomore English teacher and junior English teacher collaborate often, but still distinct from a typical high school English course.

For one, the fact that I’m able to run a blog for points is pretty great. There’s more freedom to write what I want it and ties education enjoyably with technology and social media. However, I can’t help but think there’s too much freedom at certain times. I never know for sure if my teacher reads my posts or if my peers are skimming through my material (unless they leave a like of course). This leads to slight laziness on my part, which I’ve been dealing with since owning a blog in my sophomore year. Also, I’m still not too keen on my teacher’s idea of “remixing.” I hardly have any posts regarding the books I read, and for that I’M SORRY MR.Z. I not much of an analyzer and to be honest I don’t have much life experience to connect the books with my own life. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the books we’ve read this year. We’re currently reading The Catcher in the Rye and it’s quite an amusing read.

Another thing I want to touch on about the class is the ideaFM project. This is something where I really slacked on. I have bursts of motivation now and then, but the fact that the deadline is so far away gives me the “mehh it’s not due for awhile…” mentality. I could have done so much, but I didn’t because I suck and do work in accordance to deadlines (tip: don’t do this). I still got to go through basic mechanics of animation with this project, but I got caught up in art requests and commissions. Hopefully I can incorporate that into my project since I did nearly twenty requests for my art blog. Besides, I’ve been meaning to discover an art style for myself and I can say this really helped stabilize a style unique to me.

That’s all I have to say about this class for now since its so late and I’m running an very few hours of sleep lol

Goodnight everyone ㅇㅅㅇ

~Bouncing Ball Animation~

I was scrolling around on tumblr when I saw a post linking to a list things to animate at different levels. Of course, I felt like this goes well with my ideaFM, project so I’m thinking of doing all of the Level 1 exercises by the end of the week.

Here is the link:

I’ve actually done a few of them already but I really wish I found this earlier. Then I could have based my project on doing all of the exercises. Oh well… ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

That being said, today I did the “Ball Bouncing across the screen.” As usual, I will start from the sketch to the completed animation.





 *These pictures don’t really seem like animations since I didn’t save frame-by-frame. Rather, this is the general motion.

Sketch Animated:


Lined Animated:


And Final Animation!


The final animation may be a little different in timing since my usual animating program doesn’t allow more than one color. -__-“

Overall, this is generally the easiest animation test but I am not too good at it haha. It’s not very smooth and I don’t really know how to shade correctly. However, I can only blame myself since I did this fairly quickly (around 10 minutes) and didn’t do much research on how balls work (wah wah).

I hope it looks kinda cool though? ಥ⌣ಥ

On the bright side, here’s another drawing process gif. At least I know what I’m doing for these LOL.


Why Bother?: Foreign Language Classes


你好。こんにちは。¡Hola! Bonjour.

With two years required of the same foreign language to graduate from high school in California, how much of the language do these students actually retain as they move on to bigger things like college and a full-time job? Such a requirement seems unnecessary as most kids seem to ditch their foreign language as soon their quota is fulfilled. Personally, I do not believe students should have to take a foreign language in order receive their high school diplomas.

First off, I do understand why taking a foreign language is important in this day and age. In fact, there are hardly ever any disadvantages to learning a new language. One can gain deeper insight into a certain culture and communicate with a wider group of people. More importantly, as the economy is increasingly globalized, being a polyglot is definitely advantageous for corporate success. These students that were dedicated to becoming fluent in their foreign language will be at an advantage as it becomes easier to build relationships and increase financial success. Being bilingual can certainly increase pay by ten to fifteen percent for those entering the workforce in 2014. However, many high school students do not strive to become fluent with their given opportunity.

Unlike Europe, the United States is largely lagging behind in biliteracy, as “only about 15-20 percent of Americans consider themselves bilingual, compared to 56 percent of Europeans surveyed in 2006 by the European Commission” . Being in a country that is so monolingual, Nicholas Kristof sums up the situation best with his joke: “If someone who speaks three languages is trilingual, and a person who speaks languages is quadrilingual, what is a person called who speaks no foreign language at all? Answer: An American.” Despite having many states requiring high school students to take a foreign language to graduate, there is a chance that these students are not really taking in what they are learning. Since the classes are required, they could simply be taking the class for a grade; not to understand the culture or be able to communicate with others with their chosen language.

I’m not asking foreign language classes to be removed completely from the school system. I just think that the classes should be reserved for those that are actually interested in culture and want to learn a language. Being in Japanese class for three years now, and planning to continue on for four, I can say that this class has never been a waste of time for me as I find the language fascinating. On the other hand, a handful of my classmates are desperately struggling to pass and be able to finally complete their requirements (I have seen countless re-taking of Japanese class at all levels…). These classmates of mine could be taking other courses that they are motivated in, leading to better grades and strengthening of their talents that they might use in their future. Sadly, the high school system does not allow this until they have two years of a language in. In the end, they’ll just do what they have to do to get a good grade. What’s left is not full understanding of language and culture, but blurry memorization of a few basic conversational skills.

Moreover, there could even be students that want to learn a certain foreign language, but that specific course is not available in their high school. Most schools have Spanish, but what about Korean or Italian? Students should not have to go through at least two years of a language they are not interested in just at all to move on with their lives. Lesser common languages can be studied in college or separate classes from the high school, but this results in a waste of time. Most of what would be learned in the typical high school foreign language class would be tossed out the window to take in a new language that has more appeal. There is also a sense of superiority that Americans may feel; myself included. “Because much of the world is striving to learn English, Americans wonder why they should bother to learn other languages.” With the seemingly universality of the English language, motivation to learn any other languages continue to plummet.

With possible lack of motivation in students, lack of certain languages, and wasting of valuable time, there is not much glamorous about taking a second language as a requirement to graduate from high school. Foreign language classes should be a fun opportunity for students, not a boring course that is enforced.

With that, 再見, さようなら, Adiós, and Au revoir!

*This was my argumentative essay for my English class but since I really do feel strongly about this, I decided to share. It’s supposed to mimic opinion articles like those in the newspapers but I’m not sure I did I really good job of that haha.




~Project Update, though I wish I had more to show~

These are two very short animations that I did awhile I ago. I really should have uploaded them earlier! (ι´Д`)ノ

This one is a head turn:



These are the individual frames:






And I guess this one is just a flow practice, as if the wind is blowing:


I forgot to save the individual frames for this one  (╯_╰)

I just realized I didn’t animate her eyebrows at the end so it’s odd… (″・ิ_・ิ) Well this is a learning process after all. At least I can keep that in mind for next time! 


Anyways, for these I used the simplified animation tool in the program “AZDrawing2”. The color options are quite limited so I’m still looking for an animation program that has more advanced features. However, I will continue using this program for quick practice purposes since it’s so easy to use.


The Toulmin Model Poem

Thanks to my English teacher, I have been reminded that April is National Poetry Month. Thus, I will used this blog post to acknowledge this with some original poetry.  I am no poet by any means, so don’t expect any Shakespeare gold to spew out of my mouth (well, keyboard).

Since I just learned about the Toulmin model, I’m going to attempt to combine this with poetry accordingly. When reading about it, the book stated that using the model “often sounds stiff and lacks the nuance of more natural writing.”  For some reason, I find poems with strange structure to be the most interesting so I felt that using Toulmin would at least make my poem somewhat interesting.

The Toulmin model has six elements: claim, support (evidence), warrant (the assumption), backing, qualifier, and reservation. that being said, I will loosely use the template given in the book for Toulmin analysis: Because (evidence as support), there (claim), since (assumption), on account of (backing), unless (reservation). This poem’s theme is procrastination, which is what I am doing right now as I type this.

Because this is

Due tomorrow,

Or should I say,

Due today,

Since it’s past

The dead of night,

Therefore I should probably

Do this tomorrow,

Or should I say,

Do today,

Since He will check it,


Of course,

It’s too late,

Or should I say,

Too early in the day,

To procrastinate.


I’m no good at this.