Changing Courses


I’m making a change in my ideaFM project. Honestly, I should have done this early as there is only a little over a month left until the project is due, but what must be done, well, must be done.

Previously, I was planning to make only a short animation film with an original storyline. However…okay I’ll admit it…I got too lazy. The work seemed a little overwhelming for a person like me (having no animation experience). Therefore, I decided that instead of doing only one short animation, I’m going to do several short ones. “How is that any better?” Well by short, I mean that each animation will probably last for a few seconds rather than a few minutes. Hopefully, this will allow me to animate several different things instead of just following a story line with lots of random frames with no movement. I’ll try to start off simple and make the animations more difficult as I improve. Here is my first attempt! A very simple three-framed blink animation, done in about an hour. The GIFs are set at three different stages; the sketching stage, the lineart stage, and the colored stage. I’ll try to show this for all future animations. Hopefully, they will turn out successful. 🙂







ALSO, Happy Chinese New Years!