Backgrounds and such

Finals are approaching so I haven’t been able to work on my animation project much. However, I will describe the location where the story takes place. Since the beginning, I’ve been focused on keeping the main character in a Japanese city. As I am currently in Japanese 3, I thought it would be fun to incorporate things I have learned. I also thought it would make it more normal for my character to have such an unnatural hair color (light aqua LOL). It won’t be a rural village, but one of those bustling cities like Akihabara or Ikkebukoro. The plot revolves around a mysterious game that is found on the streets so I envision a very bright and tall video game store nearby. I remember from my trip to Japan a few years ago that stores would normally have 5+ stories; very different from my hometown Fountain Valley, where buildings that tall would only be hospitals or hotels. Anyways, here are some street/store sketches but they are very poor and hard to make out. They’ll get better soon, I promise!




Age One Seven

Ahh, seventeen years old.The age just after the teenage prime of sixteen. The age just before the adult beginnings of eighteen. Just a few days ago, I became seventeen.

Now I don’t really feel any different, just a little sad that I’m becoming older and will soon have to face adult responsibilities. My sixteen-year old life wasn’t what I expected, or at least what I was built up to expect. I didn’t throw an extravagant sweet sixteen party, I didn’t gain any experience in the dating world, I didn’t get a part-time job, heck, I didn’t even bother getting my license (I will soon I swear!). Thus, I’m not really expecting being seventeen to be any different. Such is my uneventful life..(-_- )ノ

However, my English class is currently reading The Great Gatsby and I realized something. James “Jimmy” Gatz was seventeen when he changed his name to Jay Gatsby and had his poor lifestyle turned around. After he meets Dan Cody at that age, he gets involved with his yachting company and learns the ways of the wealthy. He gains his motivation for becoming rich and sophisticated. Although a rather greedy goal, his motivation to improve and ability to dream are two of his most admirable characteristics. Moreover, Daisy was seventeen when she met Gatsby and fell in love. Maybe, just maybe, something this year can possible happen to change my life. Well odds are, probably not, but I’ll try to hold on to a dream like Gatsby (though I hope I don’t end up like him. DEAD. But being wealthy sounds nice…). Other than that, I have to say that none of the other characters have any qualities I would want. Even with Nick, being a trustworthy narrator and all, does not keep up with his statement of honesty early in the novel.

Meanwhile, I can try to think of the great things I’ll achieve as a seventeen year old. First off, it would be really cool if I pulled off some A’s on finals this week. That would be my first greatest achievement right there. Secondly, one thing I would love is to hone my art skills. Currently, I use my tumblr as an art blog but I haven’t got much recognition yet. If I gained some sort of popularity, some sort of following, by the time of I’m eighteen, I would be thrilled. But before that can happen, I have to start drawing everyday and posting more often. Developing a distinct art style would also be ideal. If I can just get over my shyness of sharing my artwork, that would probably help tons. But hey, for many artists, drawing is an expression of emotions that can be almost as private as writing a diary. To be or not to be; an artist that draws for themselves or an artist that draws for the pleasure of others? I’ll try to have this figured out at age one seven.


The Man with a Broken Heart (Morphemes Story)

There once lived a very magnanimous and kind young man. His heart was as pure the driven snow they would say. Although he was brought up in a poor household, he was never querulous and understood how hard his father worked to bring food to the table. The compassion he saw in his parents was rooted in himself and thus he dedicated countless hours helping the homeless, the abandoned, the truly unfortunate souls. At the ripe age of twenty, he met his one true love. With gorgeous flowing hair, eyes full of wonder, and a heart brimming with tender love, Death took her too soon. After the young man’s commemoration at her funeral,  there was a sharp change in his nature.  It was clear that the once generous man had died along with his love. The immense shock and grief of losing her led him to develop a sort of misoneism. He believed that any more change in his broken world would shatter it into even more hopeless pieces. Yet, he was completely blind to great change in himself. He refused to cooperate with anyone, even his beloved parents. Seeing that life was now meaningless without the woman who cradled his light, he became nihilistic. He started to peculate money from those clueless enough to fall for his cunning tricks. With his heart frozen in an unwavering block of ice, he grew a propensity of turning away from people and cursing the world under his breath. Strangely enough, he still managed to grow a vast panoply of flowers in his lonesome home. They were the only beautiful things, he said, left in the world for his eyes worth seeing; penultimate only to his deceased lover. Unable to be separated any longer, he buried himself deep in his colorful garden of flowers, took his last breath, and said goodbye to the world he once saw no evil in.


Morphemes: mag/max, mem/men, mis, nihil, oper, pan, pec, pend/pens, and ques/quir/quer

First post of the year 😉

New Year’s (Possible) Resolutions

It’s been awhile since my last post but do not fear, I’ve returned just in time to make my final post of 2013. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Seeing that 2014 is approaching in a few hours, it is time for me to make my New Year’s resolutions list (that I never seem to follow…)!

1) Draw more: After watching sketchbook videos on YouTube, I’ve been inspired to complete my own sketchbook. I have several laying around but I never seem to get them filled out. That’s why this year, I want to draw as much as I can and fill out each page. Art is a strong passion of mine that I hardly find time for but as my senior year approaches, I want to grow that passion to see if it’s something I want to be involved with in the future.

2) Become a kinder person (Or at least become a less mean one). To be honest, I’m pretty sassy. I often make harsh remarks even though I’m joking around (most of the time at least). Next year, I will make it a goal to be nicer to everyone I meet and make good impressions. MAYBE I WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS ಥ⌣ಥ . It won’t be long until I can no longer pull out the “I’m a teenager” card.

3) Get good grades and a 2000+ SAT Score. The typical scholarly goals. Junior year has been killing me but I need to grab a few more A’s if I want to make it into my dream university. Moreover, the SAT I took in October landed me with a score of 1990. I know, I KNOW. That’s not a bad score at all and it’s really close to 2000. But that’s the point. It’s too close to 2000. I’m determined to do better next time and get at least a 2010!

4) Learn how to drive. I’m turning 17 soon and I don’t even have my permit. Ever since I was a little freshman, I’ve had other people drive me around. Now those people are graduating and I’m in desperate need to be able to get places LOL. Mostly to expand my choices for lunch and dinner during practices…

5) Finish a marimba solo and a few piano pieces. I always start things I never finish. But that’s going to change starting tomorrow, I SWEAR. I’m going to finish my first marimba solo and those final fantasy piano pieces (Those Who Fight and One Winged Angel) by the time I’m a senior hopefully.

This is all I can think of now. If I keep my list short, maybe I will be able to fulfill it for once…(•⊙ω⊙•) Anyways, Happy New Years everyone!