“Waiter, I’d like some tropes for my tasteless story.”

In class we’re studying up on tropes and schemes. These are the things that really spice up the main course of any writing. I started thinking to myself, “hmm…how would writing be without any of these things?” Metaphors and similes are two writing techniques we learn early on to compare what we’re saying to other relatable things for emphasis. I would consider these two tropes the salt and pepper.

Simile is like salt, it only brings out a hint of flavor, as similes just hint that something is like something else. On the other hand, metaphor is pepper. It has that little extra kick that affirms something is something else. These tropes don’t just give us an example of how big or hot a thing this; it forces us to draw the image in our head for a true comparison. Granted, describing how big a rock is can be much cooler if you exclaim, “that rock was as big as a king sized mattress!” rather than, “that rock was 60 inches by 57 inches!” Surely, it would be a little difficult to imagine inches in your mind.

Another trope I quite enjoy are puns. I’d say puns are like lemons; they can add just the right amount of zing or be terribly sour (like a bad pun). “Have you heard any jokes about German sausages? I suggest you don’t, they are the wurst.” I found this on a list of really bad puns, but I still laughed haha (look an onomatopoeia!). The list of tropes also helped me realize that Yo mama jokes are hyperboles. Although these jokes can be crude, there was a period in my life where I laughed endlessly at these type of jokes and I raise my glass to figurative language. Without these tropes, even the complex ones I have never heard of, the literary world would be a dry, crummy piece of bread.

Now to talk about schemes…

Schemes don’t really mess with the meaning of words; more on the structure and balance of a sentence. Therefore, I wouldn’t consider these the things that make a story flavorful, but rather the things that describe the way your food is arranged in front of you. For example, parallelism can relate to your breakfast having the bacon or sausage links arranged in a straight line. Or antitheses (contrary ideas expressed in a balanced sentence) can be having your cake next to your steak on your plate. Maybe you like your fries as a chiasmus; in a “crisscross” pattern.

I may sound insane and well, you are absolutely correct. I’ll just blame this on my lack of sleep (thanks school).

Anyways, this post is suppose to cover the “longer, more in-depth exploration or explanation or argument” portion of blog posts: round 2.

To be honest, I don’t quite understand what I’m supposed to be writing about. I know the class is supposed to be remixing something discussed in class but hey, Thanksgiving break had just run its course…do you really expect me to remember anything that has happen in class over a week ago? I’d be euphoric if I still had the ability to solve pre-calculus problems and understand the process of meiosis.


Goodnight, dear readers. 🙂


Progress, Progress, Progress

Had a talk with the school’s art/animation teacher for some tips on my project. He didn’t mean to discourage me, but he said doing something like this for my project would be extremely difficult for a person with no experience in animation. Nonetheless, that was the response I expected and I’m ready to face it head-on! He also recommended me a few animation books to read and the program Toon Boom Studio. I think I may be sticking with Flash CS3 though. Hopefully he’s familiar with that program as well to help me out; if not, Google will be my best friend. :p

Anyways, I created a storyboard for my animation, but it only contains the first minute or so.


It’s pretty messy and I have frames switched around lol. I also added a style change to make animating easier. Originally, it was in an anime style but I decided switched to a more cartoonish one. Here’s the new concept art:


He’s quite simplified now but I’m fond of the style. 🙂

Moreover, I’ve been watching sketchbook videos and I am absolutely inspired! I’m hoping to get a new sketchbook soon to add on to my project. If it turns out nice, I might even consider turning it in to art schools such as CalArts as part of my application. My future career is still pretty foggy.